Principal's Message

Principal's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to launch the new website of Radiant Public School. It is the team work that has stood us in good stead. I am quite hopeful that in the coming years the school will achieve greater heights. 

We believe that that the childhood is a very precious stage. At this age the children should be enabled to enjoy the beauties of nature, understand their surround dings and relationships, cultivate good habits an d well disciplined in thoughts and deeds, gain as much knowledge as they can and above all be creative. If they are well equipped that way, a good career will take its own care and we and the parents need not much bother about it.

We do not stress too much exclusively on board exams results we try to prepare, the students for life as well as we make humble efforts to prime up the latent qualities that lie in each child so that they later on are able to love life .A life of mental and spiritual fulfillment in harmony with their inner self and with the outer world. 

With these few words in the end I finally advice the students to be bold in life and never shirk from countering evil in their life.